Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Social networking:
·         Let’s you speak to people across the other side of the world
·         Let’s you share photos and videos
·         Let’s you instantly chat to people that are online
·         If you are offline it allows you to send messages to someone’s mobile phone and they would get it when they are available
·         Its free
·         Tells you when it is someone’s birthday so you can post on their wall to say “happy birthday”
·         Let’s you play games alongside other people that are online
·         You can delete people as friends
·         You can change your settings

·         Someone can make fake accounts so you may not know who you are actually speaking to

·         People can find out personal information about you

·         Your account can be easily hacked if your password isn’t strong enough

·         You can get abused

·         Not all information is relevant and interesting

·          It may distract you from homework and revision

·         Not always ethnically correct

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